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There are many ways to participate in the charitable efforts of the organization. Some of the ways you could participate are:

  • You may travel to any of the ashrams to receive the blessings of Lord Sri Krishna and Mohantoji Maharaj.
  • You can contribute to the publications of the organization with your unique ideas.
  • You can volunteer to compose, translate, review, or proofread publications.
  • You can also participate in the annual Nimbarka Seminar on Sri Nimbarkacharya's Contribution to World Thought.
  • You can register in the discussion forum on this website to exchange ideas and seek answers.
  • You may also contribute to the efforts of the organization from India and abroad. We are pleased to announce that International Nimbarka Society has been formally formed in the United States as a not for profit entity with tax exempt status. We are able to accept contributions by check in the US payable to the International Nimbarka Society. For contributions greater than $250, the donors can receive a formal letter for the tax exemption. All contribuitons are tax deductible under 501(c)3. Please contact us for the address to send checks.
  • You can also help to extend the reach of the World Nimbarka Parishad by being our world ambassador.