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International Nimbarka Society: Mission Statement

Nimbarka philosophy is steeped in the ancient Hindu tradition of service ("Seva") which perfectly complements its focus on worship and meditation. International Nimbarka Society's mission is to facilitate the delivery of this service aspect. Seva can be done in a secular setting or in a religious setting but it is a form of worship and serving God. The goal is to serve society in the areas of education, health care, poverty mitigation and disaster relief.

Some examples of service the society would be involved in include:

  • Educational and financial aid to secular schools in underserved parts of India
  • Medical equipment donations to charitable clinics in India
  • Educational and financial aid to primary schools in remote parts of India which have no educational infrastructure
  • Educational and financial aid to Sanskrit schools that preserve an ancient language and knowledge of scriptures dating back thousands of years
  • Providing financial aid in the form of tuition fees and educational expenses of poor students who would have to abandon education in absence of such assistance